Where Does Rey Come From?

Just from talking with people and thinking about certain aspects of the movie, this is what I believe to be the case when discussing where Rey comes from. If you don’t agree, then let us know what you think on Twitter! @CinemaShelf 











One of the many burning questions from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is: Where does Rey come from?

Many are speculating that Luke Skywalker is her father, which may indeed be the case. But for some reason it seems that the only reason that is the leading theory right now is because it makes sense in terms of the Star Wars universe, at least in terms of the 7 live actions movies. Mostly because they all deal with the Skywalker family.

But this may be true, not because of the obvious story arcs in the series, but because of things The Force Awakens hints at but does not tell us directly.

One thing that many people have been complaining about is that Rey learns to use the force too quick in the movie when uses a Jedi mind trick to persuade the stormtrooper (Daniel Craig cameo) to free her.

But what if she’s not learning, what if she’s remembering?

Maybe this is crazy, and it’s not true at all. BUT what if Luke dropped her off on Jakku after he learned of a new Sith lord rising to power? Maybe it was Snoke that was rising to power and Luke was afraid that she may be corrupted. Then, ultimately, his fears are realized when Snoke grabs hold of his nephew, Ben Solo, and turns him to the dark side.

The vision Rey has when she grabs the lightsaber in Maz Kanata’s castle is definitely a sign that she’s linked somehow with Luke. How much that connection goes beyond a similar power in the force remains to be seen. What is apparent is that she is tapping into the force while flying the Millennium Falcon at the beginning, and that she is understanding the force more and more, maybe not even realizing that she’s remembering more than learning.

In the prequels we see that Jedi are trained from a very young age, so young that Yoda doesn’t even want to train Anakin when he’s a child in episode 1. Rey’s vision of her being left on Jakku show that she was around the age of a youngling we see Yoda training in episode 2, so it’s not out of the question that she has been taught something about being a Jedi.

If she is a Skywalker and turns out to be Luke’s daughter then maybe A LOT of occurrences in The Force Awakens will make more sense, and maybe JJ Abrams and company actually set The Force Awakens up like a complicated puzzle. So complicated that we don’t even realize some of the pieces that need to be used.

The start of the trilogy was very strong to say the least, and maybe I’m completely wrong. But it’s AMAZING to be wondering about Star Wars again, and have some mystery in this awesome movie/book/tv/everything else universe!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out NOW!

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