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Pokemon Z "Cancelled" and Other Updates - Cinema Shelf
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Pokemon Z “Cancelled” and Other Updates

With Pokemon celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, they haven’t been shy about spoiling their audience with a whole host of new content, and even going back to brush up some old favourites.

Since the release of the largely successful Pokemon X, and Pokemon Y on the Nintendo 3DS in 2013, (marking the games big leap into the 3D world), fans have been clamouring over the news and development of sister title, Pokemon Z. The appeal being in a handful of new features, and the much-anticipated Legendary Pokemon “Zygarde”.

However today there has been a significant increase in momentum regarding a rumour that with new titles, Pokemon Sun, and Pokemon Moon, firmly into their development cycle, Pokemon Z is going to be “cancelled”. Cancelled most likely meaning postponed until the new games are either comfortably near completion, or they have been released altogether. Whilst an understandable position Game Freak find themselves in, it does beg the question why they decided to take on so much, when their previous project is yet to finish. With Pokemon being the crater of success that it is though it’s a question that is quickly answered. Regardless, Pokemon Z fans will get their fix eventually, but it may mean waiting until “Sun” and “Moon” hit the market later on this year.

It’s still guaranteed that with the release of the new titles, will also come the Nintendo Store’s 3DS port of Pokemon Red and Blue. Now whilst the same games on the service they do add a new transfer and trading system, giving players the same old school experience, without the added headache of the same old school trading experience.

Along with those, are the re-release of the first three Pokemon movies, all conveniently snuggled inside a 3 disc collectors steelbook, and the option of going Blu Ray is even presented, with Pokemon The First Movie, Pokemon The Movie 2000 and Pokemon 3 The Movie, providing the bulk of the appeal, there is also a huge amount of bonus features being thrown into the mix. The DVDs released on the 7th of April at a price of $18.99.

Regarding the new games, it has been revealed that to date, there are over ten new Pokemon for us to introduce ourselves too, with more in the early stages of planning. Additionally, the game will aim to retain the elements of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y that were so well received, such as trainer customisation, and a grander scale of location, breath-taking visuals and sounds, and of course a new batch of Mega Evolutions.

We wrap up the Pokemon news with an update from the Pokemon Go team, who have today revealed that on launch there will be over 500 Pokemon in the world to find and capture, including all 151 of the original Pokemon. There will also be badges to collect, assumed to be obtained through gym battles and completing other tasks, and the game will have its own version of trainer customisation.

It’s going to be one very busy year for Pokemon trainers, with new titles Sun and Moon, ports of Red and Blue, the exciting prospect of Android and IOS title Pokemon Go and perhaps even a late appearance from Pokemon Z, catching them all will never have been so much work.

Image Credit – Game Freak

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