New Suicide Squad Trailer Released

The Suicide Squad hype is in full force with the release of its newest trailer! I have to saythis does really builds upon the previous trailer, which was already near perfection anyway. We’re introduced to a lot of new footage, but nothing that outright spoils the film *cough* superman v batman *cough*.

We get a new Joker laugh, we get to see Harley in action, just a preview of her skillset, we get a more elaborate look into the set up and premise of the Suicide Squad, a Superman shoutout, and a closer look at the interaction between the Squad. Although definitely more of a light hearted trailer, focusing more on the comedic aspects of the characters, we do see a very quick glimpse of Batman, and we get to hear a little more Joker dialogue.

The great thing about what we’ve seen from all of the trailers so far is the sheer level of personality they show. We’ve gone from interpretation and ambiguity in the form of our characters motives and desires, to a wondefully twisted air of humour, we’ve seen the bright and vibrant tones of the neon logos compliment, if not contradict the bleak and gritty world, we’ve seen the darkness of our characters solitude and the consequences of their freedom, to put it as simply as possible, it’s beautiful chaos, a charismatic enigma. A haunting reality for some and a second chance for others, this is really set up to be the craziest movie of the year, with the likes of Batman v Superman and Civil War giving us the serious, brooding superhero movies we crave, this one gives us that and an abundance of other tricks. Something to satisfy everybody’s pallet.

All in all, this trailer has me more excited than ever for the Suicide Squad movie and you can check it out for yourself at the top of the article! What do you think about the upcoming film? Can it live up to the hype? Will it take off into a franchise? Who are you most excited to see in this movie?

I’m sure every character will get a shot in the spotlight, and despite the reshoot, this trailer still confirms August 2016 as when the Squad burst onto the big screen.

Credit – Warner Bros. UK

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