5 Nintendo Franchises That Need a Reboot

Nintendo probably has a wider array of classic franchises than any other game maker, but there are so many that some excellent series get left behind. We all know Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Pokemon, since we see at least one game in each of those franchises every other year, but there are many more characters and worlds that we haven’t visited in a long time. In honor with the upcoming Star Fox Zero, which is the first original game in the Star Fox series since 2006, let’s explore some great games/franchises that Nintendo has made that could seriously use a reboot or remake.

5. Kirby Air Ride (GC)


The GameCube, while probably Nintendo’s most conventional console in terms of hardware design, was home to some of the company’s most experimental games and spinoffs. One game on the console that actually just barely missed my best Nintendo spinoffs list was Kirby Air Ride, which threw all traditional Kirby mainstays out of the window in favor of an incredibly fast-paced racing game. Kirby Air Ride has simple and intuitive controls, beautiful graphics and colors, and several awesome game modes, including City Trial, which serves as the main inspiration for the Smash Run mode from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. The Kirby series has plenty of good 2D sidescrollers, but another game in the vein of Air Ride would be a nice change of pace in a gaming landscape that lacks creative racers.

4. Advance Wars series


With the booming success of the Fire Emblem series, wouldn’t it make sense to capitalize on people’s interest in turn-based action RPGs with a revamped Advance Wars game? The last title in this action-packed series came out in 2008, and the two Battalion Wars spinoffs on GameCube and Wii completely missed the mark on what made the series great. Is there seriously anybody that wouldn’t want to try this series with the Wii U gamepad or the 3DS?

3. 2D Metroid


This may seem like cheating, since Metroid: Other M was a 2D/3D hybrid and that came out six years ago, but many fans of the series would probably rather pretend like that game doesn’t exist. The Prime series is seeing some signs of life with the upcoming spinoff Metroid Prime: Federation Force, but true fans of the franchise probably want to see a revival of what made this series so great.

2. 3D Donkey Kong


Again, also kind of cheating, but think about this: Donkey Kong 64 met with mostly critical acclaim and is a favorite of N64 fans and Nintendo fanboys. That game came out SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO, and Nintendo has yet to release a single 3D title in the franchise since. Don’t get me wrong: the reboot of the Donkey Kong Country games have been an absolute boon for fans of the Big N and the gaming industry as a whole, but sidescrollers are, by definition, somewhat limited. A new game in the expansive and free-roaming style of DK64 would be welcomed with open arms by just about any gamer.

1. F-Zero series


It’s absolutely absurd that it has been 12 years since an ­F-Zero game was released in the U.S. 12 years! F-Zero might very well be the pinnacle of futuristic racing sims, and every game in the series is loved by everyone who played them. Nintendo Land had a mini-game based on the franchise, but that was just a tease. Nintendo, you know what you need to do.

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