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5 Reasons the Nintendo Switch Will Succeed - Cinema Shelf
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5 Reasons the Nintendo Switch Will Succeed

Now that I’ve finally been able to collect my thoughts and my excitement has come down to a realistic level (still really excited) I’ll attempt to give some of my thoughts on why the Nintendo Switch is a good move. I predict that the Nintendo Switch will outsell the Nintendo Wii U very fast, maybe in 2017. It is my firm belief that Nintendo has learned their lessons from the Wii U and created a device that will appeal to a huge population like the original Wii did. Here are 5 reasons the Nintendo Switch will succeed.

1. The Nintendo Switch is innovative.


We have never had a device like this before. This device is one of the most original ideas that I have seen since the Wii. Rather than fighting in the tough and competitive video game market against Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has chosen to diversify themselves. This strategy will payoff come March when the Nintendo Switch flies off the shelves. Let’s just hope Nintendo can keep up with the demand.

2. The Nintendo Switch is the best of both worlds.


This console is both a home console and a mobile console. Those who prefer just console gaming can simply leave the tablet in the docking station and never take it out if they so choose. Those who prefer strictly mobile gaming can just use the docking station as a charging station. However, I believe the best experience using this console will come to those who fully take advantage of using the console as both.

3. The Nintendo Switch will have a superb lineup of first-party games.


This point is huge. With the Nintendo Switch being both a home console and a handheld, Nintendo merged their development teams. This is great because now all games that would have been on the Wii U and 3DS will be on the Nintendo Switch. That makes for a bigger lineup of first-party games for the console and removes having to spend time creating multiple ports of games (like they did with Smash 4). This should leave more times for Nintendo to develop the games we love and develop new IP.

4. The Nintendo Switch will have third-party support.


The reveal trailer for the Nintendo Switch showed two third-party games. Skyrim and an NBA2K game which I assume to be NBA2k17. This is a big deal because it shows that the Nintendo Switch will have other games like this. One of the biggest reasons the Wii U failed was because it lacked third-party support. With the Nintendo Switch being easy to develop for and probably (I say probably because this isn’t confirmed) the most powerful handheld gaming device ever made, it should have strong support. I anticipate we could see popular games such as Madden, Call of Duty, and more on the Nintendo Switch.

5. The Nintendo Switch still has more cool features to be announced.

This is the most exciting point. The reveal trailer we got was under four minutes long. We have barely touched the surface on what this thing can actually do. I am positive that there are other features and news that Nintendo has not told us yet and will helpfully tell us soon. My hope is that Nintendo will periodically release new information about the Nintendo Switch to keep the hype going. The below image comes from an article on Polygon that shows an awesome idea that Nintendo could implement on this console. Custom controllers for various games would change how we play all our favorite Nintendo games.



What do you think of this idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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