5 Things I Like about CW’s Arrow and The Flash (No Spoilers)


The network known for shows like Vampire Diaries and the network that RUINED Whose Line is it Anyway? Despite being known for a lifetime of mediocre shows, CW has found a way to captivate our attention through 3 seasons of Arrow and their inaugural season of The Flash. Currently, I have around 5 episodes of each show’s current season to watch and I can honestly say I have been thoroughly entertained. I will not be doing a full review of the shows now, however here are 5 things that I like about these shows.

1. Both shows spend a lot of time focusing on character development.
While the shows main characters are Oliver Queen (Arrow) and Barry Allen (The Flash), CW does a great job of making sure we learn about the other characters in the series. When a show takes the time to invest in other characters, it gives the audience a sense of care for these characters, unlike Hawkeye in the original Avengers. Side characters from Arrow such as John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, and even Malcolm Merlyn have gotten a tremendous amount of character development. After finishing three seasons. I find myself feeling more attached to these characters and their well-being.

2. The villains are not jokes.
Both shows have done an amazing job of making villains extremely challenging for our heroes. With the main villain of each season causing some serious damage and drastically changing the overall story of the series.

3. The special effects are more than one would expect from a TV show.
The special effects for these series are nothing close to what we see in the hit blockbuster movies but for being on TV with a limited budget, it is amazing what CW has done. Simply creating The Flash takes a TON of special effects work. In the genre of comic books, special effects is almost a must-have.

4. The crossovers are amazing.
Perhaps this is Marvel’s fault, but I love when different movies and TV shows crossover with each other. There is something that is exciting about these characters interacting that is so satisfying. You’ve heard the age old question “Who would win in a fight, the Hulk or Superman?” Wouldn’t we love to see Marvel and DC do that one day? While that may not be a reality, CW has brilliantly made the characters of both shows interact in such a natural way. Oliver and Barry have a great dynamic while the other characters in both shows have great interactions as well.

5. The future for both shows and CW’s DC universe.
This point piggy-backs off the last point, but CW is headed in the right direction. With another season of both Arrow and The Flash already set to come out and spinoff show Legends of Tomorrow already getting a trailer, we can expect to see so many crossovers. CBS is coming out with Supergirl sometime soon and a Hawkgirl TV show is also rumored. I CANNOT wait to see where CW goes with these shows.

Article by: Kameona Hokoana 

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