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Madden 16 Review
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Madden season…the most exciting time of the offseason for diehard football fans. Each iteration of the world famous video games boasts new features and some type of crazy concept that we spend the next year getting use to. Some fans spend all year learning the new concepts while others spend all year complaining about how the game has stopped being progressive and is consistently unimpressive.

Enter Madden 16, the newest iteration of Madden. This game isn’t bad and it isn’t great. Better than Madden 15? No. Worse than Madden 15? No. Glitches? YESSSSSS. Video Game companies have grown accustom to releasing more and more video games that aren’t anywhere near perfect. I feel like we keep getting games that are in the late beta stages because companies know they can update them later. I know this isn’t the case for every company, but it’s just a feeling I have.

MENUS (non-gameplay menus): D-

Madden 16, to be honest, feels a lot like Madden 25 for the PS Vita. I say this because the player animations feel similar, the uniform editing menu is similar and even the look of the uniform is extremely similar (i.e. style, texture). The game is slow, painfully slow. Madden 2002 for my Gamecube felt faster than this game. It takes me over half a minute to advance a week in my franchise. I find that many simple tasks lag and show a high level of hesitation. Swiping between menus is annoying, if that gives you any idea of how well it’s working.

I haven’t even gotten to gameplay yet and I’m bashing this game…geez.

Passing Gameplay: A

Well, don’t be scared. The gameplay isn’t that bad. I love some of the new advantages receivers have. The feeling of having power over what that receiver does is really nice. Knowing that I can use a 6’5” receiver’s height as an advantage over a 5’9” cornerback is really fun. In past editions height was a stat, but didn’t really matter nearly as much as it does in this game.

Running Gameplay: A

The running game is fun. Speed still rules the day when it comes to RBs, getting a back that’s fast and agile is great because they have an automatic spin move to get you past those pesky O-linemen that are easy to run into. Thus, both the passing games and the running games feel new and improved.

Defensive gameplay: B+

Defense in this game is fun. It’s easy to pull yourself out of a play if you’re not using the helpful tools Madden gives you like: Ball Hawk, Heat Seeker, etc. I’d recommend using these for games against the computer if you’re new to Madden or just getting use to a new console. Defensive players are important and the game let’s you feel that during the game. Being able to play the ball just like you can on offense during pass plays if very exciting.


Let’s be real, Madden 16 isn’t that great. Madden 13 was a major step up from the ones before it. Then Madden 15 was a step up graphics wise, but Madden 16 is lack-luster. Not really updated, and the updates that are in it are not necessarily groundbreaking.


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