A Gamble on “Gambit”


This week was full of rumors dealing with Channing Tatum dropping out of Gambit. Well, it looks like the rumors were wrong. We are hearing many reports that Tatum has indeed signed onto Gambit.

This makes sense because this movie comes out in about 14 months. Though, it seems as if the rumors were not completely unfounded, as many people have implied that they did have a little hiccup or 2 in the negotiations of the deal.

Now that we are getting the (hopefully awesome) Gambit movie on October 7, 2016, the question of Gambit’s introduction will begin to circulate. Will he show up in X-Men Apocalypse, or will he simply be put into a post-credits sequence? Hopefully we hear more in the coming weeks/months.

This is great news, mainly because it feels as if Twentieth Century Fox has some of the most passionate actors in the comic book genre. Channing Tatum is no different, he seems very passionate and very “fanboyish” about this who Gambit movie.

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Article By: Travis Thomas

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