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“A Lego Brickumentary” Review - Cinema Shelf
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“A Lego Brickumentary” Review

If you are a fan of the hit toy LEGO, than you should definitely watch this movie. This documentary narrated by Jason Bateman takes us into the world of LEGO. The “Brickumentary” uses a variety of animated LEGO figures and a wide assortment of LEGO contraptions to keep us engaged. In fact, Jason Bateman narrates this film as a LEGO figure.

Note: In this review, I will do my best to not give away specific information about the content of the documentary. This is proving to be a daunting task as documentaries are all about the information in them and how that information is portrayed.

The Good

What I really enjoyed most about this documentary was the wide variety of people that have been impacted by LEGOs. The film shows some of the “Master Builders,” whose job is to simply create new LEGO sets along with other LEGO designers and the team that create enormous pieces for the LEGOLAND parks. Another focus of this film were the fans of LEGOs. From children to grown adults, we get to see how LEGOS are used. I was somewhat fascinated by how many adults buy numerous amounts of LEGO sets. It was interesting to hear all the stories of the grown adults who have different reasons as to why the play with and love LEGOs. There were even a handful of celebrities that were featured as well. The usefulness of LEGOs was also very intriguing. A variety of different fields of study were shown to have a use for LEGOs.

Why this isn’t a good film

The reason why I am not really pumped about this film is because it just seems like a big commercial for LEGO. It really feels like they just wanted to say “Look at what we’re doing” by showing us everything that has to do with LEGOs. I admit that the things they showed were cool, but the overall portrayal and way they went about showing that really made it seem like they were trying to get me to buy their product. I would have rather seen a story about LEGO, the company, and how they overcame various adversities. I would have rather seen a manufacturing plant that makes LEGOs and see the various parts of the whole process. Instead, we got about 20 different commercials basically telling us why we should buy LEGOs.

Rating: 6/10. It wasn’t a terrible film. If I didn’t like LEGOs this would have gotten a lower score. Like I said earlier, I would definitely recommend it for any LEGO fan. This film is actually be a really good way for LEGO to educate people on everything that they are doing. If this had been classified as a marketing tool, than it would have been perfectly fine. But as a “Brickumentary” it does not stand out of the crowd. It feels like just another LEGO piece.

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