A “Punny” Movie – Last Action Hero Review

Last Action Hero is a light hearted 90’s comedy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that tells the story of a young boy named Daniel who is a huge fan of hit movie Jack Slater starring Arnold. He comes across a magical movie ticket once owned by Houdini himself that allows Daniel to travel into the world of Jack Slater and see the newest installment in the series up close and personal.

This 1993 movie had many, MANY bad puns, as do other Arnold movies, with only a handful of them making me laugh. A big source of comedy in this movie came from the fact that Daniel knew he was in a movie and Arnold did not. Different aspects of movies were poked at and made fun of, which was fun to watch. This movie made me think of Deadpool, which is set to release next February. In the same way that Deadpool knows he is in a movie, so did Daniel.

I found that the story was creative but the execution wasn’t the greatest. Perhaps I am not being fair in my evaluation of the movie overall because it lacks the technology and special effects of today. However, as always, I enjoyed Arnold Schwarzenegger (this is the first time I’ve spelt his name correctly) and I love his style of comedy. I personally enjoy waiting for the bad puns and hearing Arnold speak in his accent.


Getting more into the story, I felt that although it was creative, it was predictable. I caught on very early in the movie that the characters from the movie would get to the real world and cause havoc which would make Jack Slater have to go as well. I will give credit to the movie for doing a good job of contrasting the real world with the world of the film. Overall, I was satisfied with how the story ended. I liked the cameo from Ian Mckellen as Death and Danny Devito the animated cat.

Rating: 5.5/10

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