Not many people seemed interested to see this film, which is odd because it seemed like 1 of the more unique movies to come out this year. This movie ISN’T bad and it really didn’t deserve the terrible box office numbers that it got. This movie should have at least led the box office for 1 week. It was a lot more fun than several other movies I’ve seen this year.

It’s been out for awhile, but I’m not going to spoil much or ruin the movie. I would recommend seeing it if you want to stop reading here…


Here are the top reasons you should see the movie:


  1. Eisenberg and Stewart play really well off of each other, but not in the way that you’d expect. She has a chill spirit and he has an overly active mind. The “Jason Bourne” comedy rip-off that many critics labeled this movie as is just plain out inaccurate. The movie is good, not great, but it does provide moments that will make you feel you got your money’s worth. (If anything Jason Bourne could use some laughs anyway)
  2. The action in this movie is crazy! There are a lot of solid fight scenes, some that are a little lack luster, but still pretty solid.
  3. The story is rather interesting. The plot provides some twists and turns that I did not see coming along with some characters being killed off that I did not expect as well.
  4. One of the most unique movies you will probably see this year.


Reasons you should not see this movie:


  1. Violence: if you don’t like violence then you should steer clear. This movie has some crazy scenes where an almost unnecessary amount of gore is used.
  2. Cheesy: it can get a little cheesy every now and then. Mainly because the acting of Topher Grace. (or maybe just his character’s writing)
  3. Nothing you walk out of the theatre raving about, thus, you could probably wait for some type of Video on Demand.


Overall: 6/10

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