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Arrow Season 3 Review (And Comic Con Video) - Cinema Shelf
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Arrow Season 3 Review (And Comic Con Video)

If you haven’t watched Arrow yet… WHAT ARE YOU DOING? This season of Arrow took things to the next level when we thought that could not be done. In season 1, the main villain was Malcolm Merlyn. The main villain of season 2 was Slade Wilson and we saw the introduction of the suicide squad as well. This season, the big bad villain was the legendary Ra’s Al Ghul or “The Demon’s Head.” Think about this, the same villain from the hit movie Batman Begins was the main villain for this season. And boy, he did not disappoint.

What I appreciate so much about season 3 of Arrow is the time that is taken into developing other characters in the show. We saw background to the life and background of Felicity, Laurel, and even Malcolm Merlyn. Seeing these backstories made me like these characters so much more. However, I don’t know if seeing Laurel’s character development made me like her anymore. My new favorite character of this show has become Malcolm Merlyn although I really like Ray Palmer too. His dynamic is very much so like Loki in the MCU. This season found team Arrow having to work with Malcolm as they fought against the League of Assassins. This dynamic was so fun to watch. I loved how we as the audience did not know if Malcolm Merlyn could truly be trusted.

The season finale held up to what Arrow had been doing all season. I love how the flashbacks came full circle and made their way into the present day situation. The Flash made his cameo appearance (for just a few minutes) and really came through for team Arrow. I found myself satisfied with how the finals scenes played themselves out. Although they did leave a lot of questions as to what season 4 will be like.

The bottom line: 8/10. Not as good as Daredevil but still one of the best superhero TV shows out today. Arrow continues to raise the bar and the quality of their show.

SPOILERS & Looking to Season 4

So many crazy things happened that made me want to keep watching Arrow. The crossovers with The Flash were so enjoyable. I love seeing how side characters like Cisco interact with team Arrow. Secondly, at the mid-season finale, Oliver Queen died! Finally, after we find out that he isn’t dead, Ra’s Al Ghul demands that Oliver become the new head of The League of Assassins, which culminated with the final fight between Oliver and Ra’s.

Looking to season 4, it looks like Oliver Queen will become “Green Arrow” instead of just “Arrow” and “Starling City” is changing to “Star City.” While Oliver and Felicity are away from the city enjoying life together, Oliver is forced to come back to help the city because of Damien Dahrk. You may remember Damien Dahrk was a rival to Ra’s Al Ghul when they were younger and made an appearance in season 3 of the show. Thea Queen will also be a permanent part of team Arrow as “Speedy.” I’m excited to see more of character development with Thea. Can’t wait for next season.

Here’s Stephen Amell at comic con in costume if you didn’t see it yet:

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