Arrow Season 4 Episode 11 Review – Spoilers!!!

Rating: 8/10

So far, after the mid-season break, Arrow has been going strong with good episodes. Arrow Season 4 Episode 11 progresses several character’s stories on the show and some HUGE things happened. This is your official SPOILER warning (if you didn’t already see it in the title). This episode was so good, I couldn’t talk about it without talking spoilers. Here we go!

The episode seemed to cover so much in terms of storyline and character development. We got a break from Damien Darhk but learned more about some other characters. First, Felicity started hallucinating! As our picture above shows, Felicity’s old self showed up as hallucinations and really messed with Felicity’s head. There’s one moment in the episode where Felicity explodes at her past self, telling her to shut up. Felicity goes through this arc of not feeling like she can help the team anymore, only to pretty much save the day at the end of the episode. She then stops seeing the hallucinations because she is off the meds. So no worries, Felicity is not crazy. Secondly, another big character in this episode was Andy, Diggle’s brother. The flashbacks for this week showed Andy and John Diggle overseas at war together. The big reveal here was that Andy worked with the guys who are on the island with the Oliver flashbacks! I think eventually we will see Andy and Oliver in flashbacks together. Secondly, John has no choice in this episode to release Andy because his wife is in trouble. My gut feeling right now tells me that this will come back to haunt John, as I don’t trust Andy.

Perhaps the biggest moment in the episode was when Amanda Waller was killed. I totally didn’t expect that to happen. She was clearly shot point-blank in the head. I don’t think there is any chance that she comes back from the dead. Especially since Warner Bros is making a Suicide Squad movie and Amanda Waller is a big character in that movie. From here, it is unclear exactly what A.R.G.U.S. will look like and how they will be run. It is very possible that we could still see Amanda Waller in flashbacks though.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 11 gave us good development in both Andy and Felicity’s characters, which should continue more as the season goes on. I thought this episode handled progressing the story without using Damien Dahrk very well. What do you think? Did you like this week’s episode? What do you think of Amanda Waller dying? Let us know in the comments below!

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