Baby Leo + Mommy | The Mindy Project

Mommy, daddy, and little baby Leo are all home safe and sound this week. No surprise, Danny was the responsible one and baby proofed the apartment.

However, through his baby proofing he also managed to fun proof their apartment. What crazy person takes away the TV and the wifi? This is madness!

Poor Mindy! I don’t know how she is surviving without wifi! She just admitted she’s so bored she finally writes her sweet 16 thank you notes (maybe she’ll come over and clean my apartment?).

It’s not surprise that she defies Danny’s rules and takes the baby outside. I mean he took away her wifi! What’s a girl supposed to do with no wifi?

In true, predictable sitcom fashion, Mindy locks the baby inside her apartment. I was surprised that her crazy, partying neighbor was willing to help her break into her own apartment.

Dr. Jeremy might be dating a girl played by the same actress as the Mom from HIMYM, but she is definitely not the same girl. I mean snorting coke in the bathroom? Ted would not approve, not at all.

I know Tamra said she’s going to stay out of other people’s business, but I really hope she changes her mind before Dr. Jeremy gets his heart broken again.

While Mindy’s adventures this week were pretty predictable, I did still enjoy them because Mindy added her flair to the predictable adventures.

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