Baby Wall-E – The Mindy Project

Baby Wall-E that would be a great name for Mindy and Danny’s baby. However, as cute as it would be I doubt Danny will go for it.

I love Mindy and The Mindy Project, however I do not love childbirth and all its details. I can only imagine what childbirth feels like so I can totally understand Mindy making a “baby removal appointment.” I know childbirth is a miracle but I don’t want to go through that process without the miracle that is modern medicine.

Of course, Danny disagrees because it couldn’t be an episode of The Mindy Project without some sort of disagreement between the two love birds.

In a change from the usual, Danny agrees with the midwives and their preference for natural birth. He’s teaming up with them in an effort to force a natural birth on Mindy. However, I don’t see that working because Danny might be stubborn but Mindy is even more stubborn.

Mindy has been adamant that she was going to schedule the birth of her baby. However, judging by the fact that her water just broke on the subway I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that the baby doesn’t care about her plan.

Not only is she having the baby on the subway, the subway is stuck because someone fell while filming a viral video and the only other doctors on the subway are the midwives.

The midwives tried all their natural methods but it’s not working for Mindy. Danny runs through the tunnels of the subway to be with Mindy as she gives birth. In the end, it turns out she just needed Danny to encourage her. (I don’t think that’s a real baby, I’m pretty sure it’s a doll. Never mind he just blinked.)

Baby Leo! I approve of the Castellano/Lahiri baby name. I’m a fan of old man names for babies so this one gets my stamp of approval. Now that all the pregnancy shenanigans are over, we get to move on to the new mommy and daddy shenanigans.

I’m excited to see what trouble Mindy and Danny get into. Also, I’m sure Uncle Morgan is going to teach little baby Leo some cool new tricks.

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