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Bachelor in Paradise Week 1 - Cinema Shelf
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Bachelor in Paradise Week 1

Don’t judge me, but this summer the Bachelorette was my guilty pleasure show. I had never seen any of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows, but a friend invited me over to watch the premier and I was immediately sucked in. Now that it’s over I’m giving Bachelor in Paradise a shot. There were two episodes this week and I watched both.

The first episode introduces all the victims, I mean bachelors and bachelorettes. I was not familiar with most of the participants because I’ve just started watching the series this summer. However, I did recognize several of the guys from this year’s season.

The first big shocker of night one is that Ashley I. brought her sister along. The self-proclaimed virgin brings along her not-virgin sister and then spends a good portion of the episode doting on her sister and worrying that she is going to affect her chances of finding love. If you were worried your sister would be competition on a dating show, why sneak her in?

The next big shocker is that Jarod is the hot commodity. Personally, from the moment he stepped out of the limo to meet Britt and Kaitlyn I’ve felt he was the stalker, kill-you-in-your-sleep, type of guy. However, apparently I am the only one and several of the girls are competing for his attention. Do they not see Tanner or Dan sitting right next to him?

There’s already more girls than guys since Ashley I. brought her sister along, then at the very end of episode one they throw in a new girl, Clare with a date card. Episode two starts with Clare’s date which is quite possibly the most awkward date ever. Not only is it with Mikey Testosterone, it’s also a touchy yoga date.

Ashley I. is crying because Jarod talked to Tenley. Oh well, I think Tenley is nicer plus if she gets the rose then crazy little sister also goes home. This rose ceremony is going to be interesting.

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Jillian thinks she has JJ wrapped around her finger, but then Tenley just put herself out there and kissed him, so maybe Jillian shouldn’t be so confident that she has JJ’s rose.

Spoiler Alert***

All the pairings were what I expected until we got down to the last rose. JJ had control over the last rose and after his kiss with Tenley it wasn’t clear if he would pick her or Jillian. JJ of course had to add a twist and some surprise and chose Tenley! I think Jillian was the most surprised by this ending.

I am way more involved in this show than I should be. Now I have to wait a week before my next dose of crazy drama! However, if Ashley I. cries one more time, I’m going to give her something real to cry about.

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