Bachelor in Paradise Week 2 Night 2

In case you missed it, here is my recap of Week 2 Night 1. Now that you’re caught up, lets move on to Week 2 Night 2’s recap.

Last night ended with Jared creating a whirlwind of drama by choosing Clare for his date. This episode starts with Mikey sulking and Ashely I. crying (like always) over said date. I’m not surprised Ashley I. is upset that Jared took Clare on his date. However, I didn’t expect Mikey to throw a tantrum that rivals that of Ashley.

Joe has definitely made himself into the villain. He’s leading Juelia on so that he can stay on the show long enough for Samantha to show up.

Now they are throwing in another guy who is interested in Tenley? She already has JJ and Joshua after her. The new guy, Michael, of course has a date card and immediately pulls Tenley aside and asks her out. What do you call a love triangle where three guys are after the same girl?

I love how Tenley and Michael were basically attacked by a gigantic mariachi band! However, I do feel a little bad for Tenley because she has three guys after her and I think she likes all three of them. I’m not sure how she is going to be able to choose at the rose ceremony.

There are 7 girls with roses and 10 guys so 3 guys are going home. I’m not sure how that’s going to go down with the love triangles and also Tenley and Juelia with their three suitors each. Jared is safe because Ashley I. is head over heels for him, and Clare is now a wild card and could really choose anyone.

For Tenley I think she has two good options with Joshua and Michael. I would be totally fine if JJ went home. As for Juelia, I’m not sure if Mikey is the best choice for her but Mikey or Jonathan would be much better for her than Joe. Joe is playing Juelia and Jonathan like little violins and now Jonathan is having a meltdown? I can’t handle all this craziness right now.

Clare’s meltdown because no guys are interested in her is ridiculous. She had Mikey totally head over heels for her and pushed him away in the hopes that someone else would be better. Then she calls everyone there out for not being there for love? I think she’s trying to take the villain position away from Joe.

Drum roll please and now for the Rose Ceremony!

Tenley chose Joshua! I feel bad for Michael because he was there just for her and didn’t even try with anyone else. Now Clare’s meltdown is preventing the rest of the rose ceremony from continuing. I agree with Jade that she is just doing all of this for the attention.

Thanks to Clare’s meltdown, now we have to wait till next week to see what happens with the other love triangle. It looks like there is a chance that Clare might choose to leave. How many days till the next episode?

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