Bachelor in Paradise Week 3 Night 1

This episode was crazy! We find out what comes from Clare’s meltdown from last week and what goes down with the villain Joe. As well as the introduction of two new girls.

I love how Chris Harrison calms Clare by telling her, “You’ve only been here a week.” Then she picks JJ? I did not see that one coming.

However, everyone saw the Juelia/Joe debacle coming. Everyone except Juelia that is, she did not have any clue what she was doing by choosing Joe over her other two options.

Samantha aka Joe’s dream girl is here. She likes Joe because he seems like a good guy. It turns out she was Juelia’s bestie during their season. Oh poor Juelia! Then we find out that Joe and Samantha had been talking before the show. Juelia is such a sweetheart, but she never stood a chance with Joe, he only had eyes for Samantha.

Out of the three couples two are still pretty strong, one is wavering though. Carly is head over heels for Kirk. And Jade is pretty into Tanner too. While, Ashley S. is really into Dan, he’s starting to question his compatibility with her.

I love that the bartender, Jorge, is really into the show! I think he’s all of us at home, except for he’s watching it firsthand.

While Carly is very confident in their relationship, Kirk is questioning their relationship. However, I’d say by the way their one-on-one date ended, Kirk isn’t questioning his relationship with Carly anymore.

Here’s the new girl Megan. I can understand the missed connection and lost luggage, but you’re telling me that a show with a free flowing bar can’t send a taxi to the airport to pick up a contestant? I think this girl is dumber and crazier than Ashley S. and her freak out seems to rival that of Ashley I.

JJ lives with his mom!?!? I just don’t even know what to do that bit of information. Also, he does not look pretty when first woken up.

Picking the widow mother to play was a poor choice for Joe especially since she’s the nicest person on the show. Now he’s really trying to covering his butt so that Juelia doesn’t tell Samantha just how horrible he is.

Oh I cannot wait for the explosion of drama in Night 2. It’s gonna get crazy! Between the allegations that Samantha was in on Joe playing Juelia and Dan going on a date with the new girl. Who knows what will happen.

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