Bachelor in Paradise Week 5 Night 1

After last week’s preview, I knew this week’s episode would provide lots of drama since the girls have the power of the rose this time.

Surprisingly, Sam and Joe get back together almost as soon as the episode starts. Which means she is no longer going on the date with Justin.

Now Justin and Amber are going on a date. Amber is only going out with Justin in an attempt to make Dan jealous. They had a great date, however it just made her realize how much she really likes Dan.

I feel bad for Amber though, because when she tells Dan this, he totally friend zones her. It looks like her attempt to make him jealous by going out with another guy totally back fired.

Chris joins the group and this is not his first rodeo. I think he’s here more for the love of free alcohol than to find actual love. He asked Tenley out, but she turned him down. I was kind of surprised that Chris was willing to give his date card to Joshua so that he could take Tenley out instead.

Since Tenley said no, Chris sees no reason to stay in paradise. Well Chris, it was nice to meet you and spend these last ten minutes with you. Better luck next time!

This rose ceremony is going to be one of the more interesting ceremonies. Dan likes Sam? Why? He’s so much better than her! And again, everyone is after Jarod which I still do not understand. Who is going to get Jarod this time around?

It’s a good thing that Ashley I. got to give her rose out first because I don’t think she would have been able to handle someone else picking Jarod. This left Amber to choose Justin and Sam surprisingly chose Dan.

I think that Sam chose to send Joe home so that he wouldn’t be able to reveal to everyone how she is the true villain. However in true Joe fashion, he’s not going to go down without taking her with him.

Joe calls Sam out and tells her that she’s going to end up alone with a ton of cats. I do wish Joe had shown everyone and not just the camera man his texts from Samantha. She is still manipulating the situation to her benefit.

Immediately after the crazy rose ceremony, they throw in a new girl Chelsea. I love Carly so much and how she is scheming to get Sam out by encouraging Chelsea to ask Dan out.

However, I’ll have to wait for night two in order to see what becomes of her scheming as well as what will happen as more girls are thrown into the mix this week.

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