Bachelor in Paradise Week 5 Night 2

Week 5 Night 1 was filled with drama as Samantha let Joe go. Night 2 promised more drama with the arrival of new girls in paradise. However, in comparison to night 1, night 2 was fairly tame.

The episode did start out pretty entertainingly with Juelia being stung by a jellyfish. She then proceeds to persuade Tenley to pee on it for her in one of the more hilarious moments on the show.

Night 1 left us with Carly scheming to get Chelsie and Dan out on a date. However, after talking to the guys Chelsie instead chooses to go out with Nick.

While on their date, we learn that Nick is also interested in Samantha. Is there something in the water that makes everyone fall for this girl?

The next new girl introduced is Mackenzie who has a son and is very much into aliens. This girl is crazy, I mean her son is named after a vegetable (Kale). Poor kid, it’s not even a vegetable that people like. Then his mom goes off and gets married on a first date, I feel bad for this kid.

Soon thereafter, Jaclyn is thrown into the mix and she does not care who she hurts. She just wants a date with a guy whether or not he is available.

Jaclyn is in the middle of talking to Jarod, and probably only seconds from asking him out, when Ashley I. swoops in. Not only did Ashley I. talk her way into a date card, she got herself a fantasy suite date.

Jarod accepts Ashley I.’s date offer and the self-proclaimed virgin makes it very clear that come tomorrow morning, she probably won’t be a virgin anymore.

Now we are left wondering who Jaclyn is going to ask. Also, the previews show that next week’s two part season finale is going to get crazy! (and someone is going to get engaged!)

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