Batman V Superman Teaser

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to release on March 25, 2016.

With the release date coming up in the next 4 months or so we have been rather limited on what we’ve seen. We got a lot of footage in trailers and such in the Summer, but other than that we have not seen the onslaught of marketing that is assuredly coming.

It looks like it’s finally starting. As Warner Bros. begins the marketing push for the March release date we are given a short teaser (video in this post). Batman hanging by his arms, Superman entering, and intense stares. A lot of questions are coming, and I doubt they will give us too many answers before the release date. While we may think of¬†The Force Awakens as a closely guarded movie, we should take note of the slow roll out of information about this movie. It feels as if there is something hiding in all of this that we have not been privileged to see yet. With the plot explained to us in broad strokes, the studio will most likely keep their cards close to the chest.

For now all we are given is a trailer, teaser, and some cool photos/promos here and there. But be ready because we’re about to truly get thrust into ANOTHER superhero universe; and one that seems to be a little darker than the Marvel universe.

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