Batman v Superman’s R-Rated Release to Exceed 3 Hours

When it was confirmed that Batman v Superman was going to arrive on DVD and Blu-ray as an R-Rated feature, there was also the news of the movie receiving additional footage, extending the run time to a previously undetermined length. But today after leaks from a Swedish retail outlet, it has been confirmed that the movie will jump from the 120 minutes of the theatre release, to an eye watering 181 minutes.


Not only that, but the special features content will require another 120 minutes to dig through, bringing the overall experience to 5 hours. Whilst the movie has seen plenty of criticism for trying to cater for so much universe building with not enough time, this new 3 hour take may well erase some of those issues. Hopefully it’s a case of quality over quantity and the movie redeems itself with this new opportunity.


Image – Warner Bros.

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