Battleborn Review

Rating: 8/10

I gave Battleborn‘s open beta a review a while ago, and while I enjoyed it, it seemed to have a few rather important issues, like the lack of content. The full release has seemed to fix this somewhat, by adding the rest of the campaign missions, as well as another gamemode and more maps. The lack of content is still noticeable, but the game now provides, in my opinion, enough variety in combination with solid mechanics and gameplay to warrant a higher rating.

Having been able to play more of the campaign in the full release, I found it a little bit lacking. While all the missions keep the same sense of humor, most of them seem to be very similar to each other, almost every mission featuring some form of defense objective. While still fun to play with friends, the campaign could’ve been better if it had more varying levels, or maybe even attempted to act as a tutorial of sorts for other gamemodes. Some of the missions do this, such as one mission which involves shepherding weak minion robots to an end goal, similar to the meltdown multiplayer gamemode. Most others, however, are simple horde-like defense missions.

Multiplayer is a lot more interesting than beta, for multiple reasons. The fact that the game has been out for more than two days allows players to unlock more characters, all of which have interesting gameplay styles, and each have their own challenges to complete, which provide players with pieces of lore about the character. Characters are better balanced after input from the beta, and are consistently being reworked and rebalanced after release as well. The additional maps and mode in addition to the larger character roster make gameplay more varied, and it’s easy to find a character that fits one’s preferred style of play. There’s still a couple of balance issues with some of the characters, but they’re quickly being worked out.

Overall, Battleborn’s full release is a solid title, but is still a little lacking in content. Those with a little more disposable income might be more inclined to shell out the $60, but for others, it might not be worth that much. It’s a lot of fun, but some might just find it doesn’t have enough stuff for a game that pricey.

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