Blake Griffin in Space Jam 2?

A commercial directed by Jon Favreau has recently been released for the new Jordan Superfly 4 shoes. The commercial has Blake Griffin taking on beloved Looney Tune “Marvin the Martian” in a dunk battle. The battle consists of the “whackyness” that comes Looney Tunes which is so much fun to watch. If you know anything about Marvin the Martian, you’ll know that he has a lot of guns and is always out to destroy things. I thought the basketball that he brought with him was very fitting and fun. We even got a cameo from Bugs!

Does this commercial suggest that a Space Jam 2 is indeed coming and could feature Blake Griffin as the main star? Last week, we released an article talking about how Lebron would possibly be making a Space Jam movie. Will Lebron also be involved if they make this movie? We don’t have any official information at the moment, but if you haven’t done so yet, take a look at the commercial below. If this commercial is anything like a new Space Jam movie would be, I’m sold.

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