Blue Mountain State is back, Bro Beans

If you’re like some of the writers on this site, then you probably spent some of your college years watching Blue Mountain State on Netflix. The show about an out of control football team that fulfills every stereotype of a crazy drug and alcohol fueled college lifestyle.

The show is hilarious, and is undoubtedly one of those shows that lives on in legend now that the program has been cancelled. There’s really only so much you can do with that story line, I mean you get 4 years, right? Apparently not.

Spanning 3 glorious seasons, the show came to a fitting end. Though, since the shows cancellation and series finale many fans have been trying to get a movie made of some sort of story line that occurs after the series ends and some of the players from BMS go to the NFL.

Well, if you’re one of those people who loved this show, then you’re in luck. the kickstarter succeeded a few years back and the movie has been completed…it’s actually been done since the Summer of 2015. It was slated to be released, in some way or another, in September of 2015 but was pushed back to rumored rating issues. Mainly the issue being the movie received an NC-17 rating, but was recut to get an R-rating instead.

This morning a short clip of the movie was released via Facebook, the movie is going with the title Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland. Seems fitting, really.

The trailer is hilarious, but what’s disappointing is that no word has come on when the movie is going to be released. We’re expecting to hear something sooner than later on when this film will be released.

Until then, go check out the trailer on Facebook now! You can find it here

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