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Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland Review - Cinema Shelf
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Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland Review

It seemed like a far-fetched dream a few years ago. Blue Mountain State was a TV show that began around 2009 and ran for 3 seasons on SpikeTV. Netflix was pretty much the reason this show SKYROCKETED in popularity.

If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s a very raunchy, crazy, college-party show turned feature length film. That’s about all you need to know.

If you were a casual fan of the show, then you probably don’t have to run out and see watch the movie. If you were a diehard fan of the show, then you’ve probably already rented the movie on iTunes or something like that, thus making this review pointless for you.

The basic plot is simple enough, a new dean of Blue Mountain State wants to end the crazy partying that goes on in the Goat House (the football party house). Thad has moved onto a dazzling lifestyle in the few months since he left college and was drafted as a top pick in the NFL.┬áThe team needs a way to save the goat house, so they decide to ask Thad to bid on the house when the dean attempts to auction the house off. Thad’s only command: convince him by making it his ultimate party land called Thadland.

The movie isn’t bad if you use to watch the show. If you’ve never seen the show, then I highly doubt you will like this movie. From the start of the movie, the same insanity of the show exists. It’s great to see that some of the humor from writers and cast hadn’t changed.

Alan Ritchson is great as Thad and Darin Brooks does a great job recapturing Alex Moran and his apathetic attitude.┬áThis movie actually moves very quickly, thanks in part to the good acting and above average writing. Then the movie kind of hits a wall, and it happens during one specific scene that is quite obvious while watching the movie. Granted, the movie does make up for this terrible scene by playing it as a great joke later on when one character gets revenge over another “character”, if you can get revenge on an animal that is…you’ll know what I mean if you watch this movie. There’s really not that much to say about this movie, except for that fact that if you’ve watched the show you will most likely enjoy this movie for the $2 or $3 you spend on renting this movie. It is kind of odd to see these guys look older than they did when the show ended, and it’s feels off to not see some of the same old locations that we saw in the show.

One of the most disappointing aspects of the movie had to be that we got a movie and not another season of the show. I understand how had that Alan Ritchson worked to get the rights back from Lionsgate, and how much of a struggle it was to crowd-fund this movie; but I am very disappointed that some company like Netlifx, Hulu, or Amazon didn’t fund this series to get another 5 or 6 episode season. I’m happy for everyone involved in this movie, and thrilled for them that it got made, but it shouldn’t have had to be crowdfunded. This concept of “raunchy college party comedy” has been overplayed in movies, but the concept that BMS the TV series used was great. Some of the plots of the episodes of the shows were much stronger than the plot of this movie. The issue with doing a year by year college comedy series is that it’s got to come to an end at some point. Especially when it comes to college sports comedies.

One great thing about this movie is that it shows determination works in hollywood. Alan Ritchson seemed determined to make this movie happen, and if you would have asked me a few months ago whether this movie was going to be any good at all I would have said “no, absolutely not”. I would have been wrong, this movie did make me laugh, it made me cringe, but it flew by because it held my attention (for most of the time). Even though it had a few spots that made me want to turn the movie off, just because of the content, I was impressed that this movie worked.

Overall Rating: 4.5/10

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