Bonus Podcast – Game of Thrones Ep. 3 ‘Oathbreaker’

FINALLY the special edition of The Official Podcast of is here! Nathan comes back for his season long stent as guest host to talk about Game of Thrones! Let’s get to it! Here’s our show notes for the episode!

  1. Jon’s Alive!
    • Melisandre questions Jon about the afterlife
    • It’s just a dreamless sleep
  2. We finally get to see Sam and Gilly again
    • Sam is going to become a Maester
    • Sam vomits
  3. The Tower of Joy (we think)
    • Bran is shown Ned Stark going to rescue his sister in another vision
    • Best sword combat of the series, probably
    • Tale of a heroic battle not as legendary as Bran has heard. Ned gets help defeating a legendary swordsman when the swordsman gets stabbed in the back.
    • We can heard Lyanna screaming as Ned rushes to save her. Birthing Jon Snow?
    • Bran calls out to Ned and Ned turns around? Drowning in the ocean like the 3 eyed raven said?
  4. We catch up with Daenerys in the Dothraki temple.
    • She’s not as cool as she thinks she is, Former Khalessis don’t put up with her shit
  5. Varys does some masterful bribing/punishing.
    • We see the real genius of Varys’ governing abilities when he offers death or a new life.
    • Tyrion seems to know something we don’t, maybe why he wants to know more about Missandei?
  6. Kind of a creepy scene with Qyburn and the spy kids
    • Qyburn gets the children to become his eyes and ears around King’s Landing
    • Are we still positive that Ser Gregor is the Mountain? Could it be another dead character? Scarf around his neck?
    • Kamie and Cersei interrupt the council meeting
  7. King Tommen finally grows a pair, then loses them immediately.
    • Tommen seemed like he had finally decided to stand up to the High Sparrow, but then backed down almost instantly.
  8. Arya is finally full badass mode now.
    • Arya drinks from the water and fulfills her hope to become part of a cult
    • Will she turn into full blown assassin?
    • Hitting the left shoulder, back, leg (Rickon injury?), and pushing her off the ledge
  9. Rickon frickon returns!
    • They killed his dire wolf L
  10. Jon Snow: Badass Alert
    • Jon snow kills the men responsible for this death
    • Shows no mercy
    • Leaves the Watch, says that his watch has ended
    • Death released him from the oath, therefore he is free to be a badass.
    • But is he leaving right before Sansa arrives!?

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