Breaking out…again! Prison Break is coming back!

While I was in college one of the most popular shows that the guys on my dorm would watch was Prison Break. Admittedly, I loved this show…for 1 season. Once we get past the first season it becomes VERY repetitive that I could no longer continue. But the name does fit, so I’ll give it that. They literally break out of prison (Spoiler!) in almost every season…I think, I didn’t make it past the 3rd or 4th season.

Anyway, the show is coming back. Apparently because of the Netflix numbers that were seen from the instant stream site.

I watched this show when it originally aired (just the 1st season), but literally everyone I know, other than my parents, have watched this online somewhere.

I do encourage anyone reading this to go ahead and check out the shows available seasons. This is an intense show, and it is awesome at points. Let’s not get carried away though, this show was due to end. I am excited to see how these characters are brought back. Depending on how quick the first few episodes can draw me back in is what will determine if I’ll stick with it. I’m willing to be it’s the same for you as well.

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Article by: Travis Thomas


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