Buenas Noches…Mama – Goodnight Mommy Review

Goodnight Mommy

The trailer for this movie was really exciting, it seemed like a great, new, unique story and something that could really disturb you. And it was at the very least unique. A house that was designed with an edge, in the middle of the Austrian country side wilderness really leaves you quite confused as to what is going on.

It seems as if there are a lot more movies coming out that are trying to do this psychological twist type of feel such as the Babadook or High Tension. And hopefully they can keep making more movies like this, as long as they are well done. I would just have to grip about the fact that in the other two movies I just mentioned, I had no idea what was going on until the end.

The feel of Goodnight Mama was quiet and eerie, with a number of jump scare surprises.

Spoilers Alert!!!!

Predictable. If you are going to have a twist at least don’t show us how a drowning scene in the beginning of the movie. Even though it was predictable who the actual culprit was, near the end of the movie the brothers did start to become quite creepy. The main brother would do all of the actions as his dead brother stood beside him whispering lies.

Disappointment. When I found out that it was in fact not the mother that was scary and that all of the scenes for the trailer where she was acting demonic, were actually just dreams, I was left feeling a little robbed. Is it okay to make your trailer seem like it is going to deliver one story, just to fool your audience into thinking a certain way about the movie? I feel like that is kind of a cheap way of tricking us.


Foreign movies always seem to be better than American movies (in my opinion…I don’t know why). And this one although its major fault was its predictability, was just the same, it was a pretty decent movie.

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