2 Reasons to Buy a Wii U

In the world of video games, one of the most talked about topic is the upcoming console the Nintendo “NX” which is set to release March 2017. Until then, Nintendo fans are left with the Wii U, which many are saying is a disaster of a console, which is debatable. The Wii U hasn’t sold nearly as much as its predecessor the Wii, and the lineup of software on the system has left many Wii U owners very disappointed. This has much to do with the lack of 3rd party support.

That being said, I think the Wii U isn’t a TOTAL disaster, as it has some solid games on it. If you’re itching to play Nintendo games before next March, the Wii U may be a good console for you to pick up, but I would recommend buying a Wii U ONLY if it meets both of these criteria for you:

1. Only buy a Wii U if you can get it at the right price

wii u bundle

I would highly recommend getting a Wii U used, just make sure its in good condition. Nintendo consoles have a history of lasting FOREVER, but make sure you buy it from someone who has taken care of the console. At this point, being that I’m REALLY cheap, I wouldn’t pay more than $150 for a used Wii U. You may definitely be able to find some cheap bundles with a few games for the Wii U for around $200 as well.

2. If you are dying to play Wii U games

mario maker

The Wii U has some solid titles that have come out such as SplatoonSuper Mario MakerMario Kart 8Super Smash BrosXenoblade Chronicles X, and more. If you really want to play most of these games, then I definitely recommend getting a Wii U. If you think that you can save your money for a NX and play these games, I wouldn’t count on Nintendo making the NX backwards compatible. With rumors of the NX using cartridges for games and the NX being a “new way to play games” I doubt the system will be backwards compatible with Wii U games. The NX would definitely need a gamepad for some of these games in order to be backwards compatible as well.

If you’re not that into most of the Wii U games I mentioned, I would definitely not recommend getting a Wii U. Save the money that you would have used to get a Wii U for the NX. The NX looks to have a strong list of launch titles, as Nintendo has stated they are waiting to release the NX until they have a solid group of games for the system. Even better, the Legend of Zelda game is releasing in 2017 on both the Wii U and the NX. It more than likely that the NX version will be much better looking and because the NX will be more powerful than the Wii U is. In the mean time, keep yourself busy with your old Nintendo consoles. The Wii has some solid games that you probably haven’t played in awhile. Also be on the lookout for Nintendo’s mobile games as well. From what Nintendo has said, there should be four more apps releasing on smart phones by March 2017 with possible Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games being released.

Are you thinking about getting a Wii U or are you just waiting for the NX? Let us know your thoughts and any questions you may have about this topic in the comments below!

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