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Why Buying The New Xbox in 2017 May Be A Good Idea - Cinema Shelf
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Why Buying The New Xbox in 2017 May Be A Good Idea

According to Microsoft, they are set to release the most powerful console ever created.  Given the available specs, this quote does seem to have merit. However, it could be that this promise of extra power may not be enough to entice you away from your gaming PC, PlayStation 4, or even your OG Xbox One.  In a recent post,  Bubba decided that Project Scorpio wasn’t for him. The Scorpio is still going to be less powerful and flexible than a tricked out gaming PC, and upcoming PlayStation exclusive games look great and won’t be shared with Windows PCs.  These are all good points, and I agree with them completely.  Still, I do think that the Scorpio can be a viable option for gamers looking for an upgrade or an even an entry point into this generation of gaming.  Here’s why:

May be the most powerful console available

Based on the given specs and the rumored specs for the PlayStation Neo, the Scorpio may indeed be the most powerful console available when its released (by how much is still to be determined).  If this is truly the case, we may see a huge role reversal compared to the base Xbox one and PS4, with the Scorpio sporting the better overall performance on 3rd party titles.  Think of it: future games like Kingdom Hearts 3 and the next Battlefront may be best played on Xbox.  If raw power and performance mean a lot to you, the Scorpio may indeed be the better buy depending on how price turns out.  Its still to be determined if the Neo will release this year or next, and it may turn out that the performance benefits of the upgrade will be small as many PS4 games already look magnificent, especially on the first party front.  And while a lot of Sony’s upcoming first party games look very enticing, many of the recently announced ones have no release dates in sight, hinting at a late 2017 or 2018 launch.  By then, you could be playing versions of Crackdown 3 and Halo 6 on the Scorpio that look better and play better than the competition.

The power won’t be wasted

E3 has seen quite a few interviews with Phil Spencer and the gang, and, as usual, the messaging has been inconsistent with team Xbox.  In a recent interview, Phil was quoted as saying that gamers wouldn’t see an advantage of buying the Scorpio without owning 4k TV.  I’m not sure if this was just a long day for Phil, or just the gaming media focusing on an out of place sound bite, but that makes absolutely no sense and no one should believe it.  There is way too much power in the Scorpio to waste on displaying just the current level of performance for Xbox  games in 4K.  Thankfully, other interviews saw the reveal of a much clearer message, saying that developers can use the extra power in whatever ways they want and are not forced to display games at 4k resolutions. That’s more like it.  So, expect game developers to really push the boundaries of console games past what we see now, with options being available to play games at lower settings for base Xbox Ones.  Honestly, I’d rather have maxed out graphics at 1080p any day.  At least until 4K is more standard.

Play Anywhere makes it a nice companion device

Since Microsoft is doing this play Anywhere thing, it makes the PC a much bigger alternative for exclusive games by the green guys.  Still, the Scorpio won’t be as woefully behind in performance this time in comparison (at first, anyway), and makes a great companion device to play these games on if you don’t want to play on your PC.  You basically have 2 copies of the game, so why not have something else to play it on that will also play it well?  Sure, you could always  go for the cheaper Xbox, but why do that when your living room deserves so much more?

A more suitable living room alternative for gaming

I like to hook my PC up in the living room from time to time for that big TV feel.  Needless to say, its not that ideal.  Its kinda big, and not set up to go straight into gaming mode upon startup.  My PC is undoubtedly the go-to device for gaming and productivity, but the Scorpio will be a better fit next to or under my TV.  It will be smaller, require less accessories to function properly, and all around easier to manage out of the box when gaming, streaming, or watching movies.  A PC is definitely the best bang for your buck option for gaming with all the bells and whistles, but what’s needed to get there can be expensive and more time consuming than most people care to deal with.  Plus, there are still going to be plenty of games that don’t make it to PC, or do at a ridiculous delay (GTA V took forever). Instead, get the Scorpio and you should have games performing at high end PC levels of today with 4k and UHD Blu-Ray built in.  Not a bad alternative for the living room.

It will STILL play your older games

One of the best things about the Scorpio is that if you already own an Xbox One, your existing game library will always be available to play.  Disc-based games will work on it.  Digital games will work on it.  You won’t have to start over from scratch with your game collection, and your older games may even look and play a tad bit better on the new console.  You can easily sell or trade in your old Xbox one for the Scorpio, taking down some of the costs for the upgrade to the new hotness.  And, unlike the start of a new console generation, there will already be plenty of games available for new buyers to play as they wait for games to start truly taking advantage of the new hardware.

So what do you think?  Are you going all in on Scorpio, or will you pass Microsoft’s 2017 upgrade for something else?  Let us know in the comments!

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