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By Fire | Gotham - Cinema Shelf
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The Rise of the Villains continues this week with several of our favorite villains becoming more villain-like.

Last week ended with Penguin chopping off Butch’s hand so that he could infiltrate Galavan’s crazy crew and find where Penguin’s mother is being kept. This week starts with Butch pleading his case before Galavan, his sister, and Barbara.

One-handed Butch is able to join Galavan because Tigress and Barbara think it would be fun to add weird stuff to his stump. They end up choosing a mallet as his stump accessory, what a lucky guy.

While Butch thinks he’s joined the team, Galavan knows he’s been brainwashed and is fully under Penguin’s control so he gives him over to his sister to break him. Tigress got a little too into it and showed up to dinner with Bruce Wayne with blood on her face … awkward.

Firefly (aka Bridget) was a goodie two shoes but now that she’s felt the power her flame thrower gives her I think she’s officially joined the dark side and she seems to be loving it.

Ivy made a quick appearance in this episode when Harvey asked for her help “ginger to ginger” to find Selina.

Selina tried to help Firefly get away after one final job, but her brothers kidnapped her. However, the brothers should have been nicer and not underestimated their little sis. She used her flame thrower to get revenge and turned them into burnt toast.

Now that she is free and she plans to go after the bullies that hurt people like her. Selina is worried about Firefly getting herself killed so she’s trying to work with Gordon to bring her in safely.

To escape the police, Firefly sets a cop car on fire. I guess she didn’t get the memo about how fire and gasoline react when they are forced together. The resulting explosion set her on fire.

Then there is eavesdropping Mr. Nygma, who overheard Ms. Kringle saying he was too gentle and needed a little fire. That’s not something a crazy person should overhear and that look in Nygma’s eye makes me real worried for her.

The last five or ten minutes of this show is where things really got crazy, so if you haven’t watched you probably want to stop reading right now.

First, Butch found Penguin’s mother (at least that’s what he said) and now Penguin is leading a charge to free his mother. I’m not sure if the tiger lady broke him or not, but I feel like he could be leading the Penguin and his army into a trap.

Then after making progress in their relationship, Ms. Kringle confesses she’s worried about Officer Dougherty coming back. Apparently, Nygma thought this would be a good time to tell her that he kill Dougherty. He then accidentally suffocates Ms. Kringle.

It the last moments of the episode, we find out that Firefly didn’t die. Not only that, someone has taken her to a basement hospital/testing facility that is owned by Wayne Enterprises.

For next week, I’m really interested to see who Butch is loyal to and if they find Penguin’s mother. Also, I think Nygma’s last straw just snapped and his crazy is about to come out in full force. Finally, what is this testing facility they’ve taken Firefly to?

I have a lot of questions I need answered but I guess I will just have to wait till next week.

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