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'Captain America: Civil War' Review - NO SPOILERS - Cinema Shelf
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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Review – NO SPOILERS


As I live in the UK, I have been blessed by the old gods and the new because Captain America: Civil War was released a week early. I saw it on opening night, and boy was I impressed. I think it’s fair to say that this is my favourite MCU film to date. Why, you ask?

RATING: 9/10

It’s a Captain America Film

More than anything, fans of the MCU were worried that the sheer amount of characters in this film would give it the feel of another Avengers film, instead of a sequel to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Thankfully, this is first and foremost a Captain America film. His relationship with Bucky Barnes (AKA The Winter Soldier) is the main focus point of the plot, and is what drives everything forward. Both their characters are developed and are given more to do than anyone (on par with Ironman), which was a huge relief for me and many fans alike.

Everyone Gets their Moment

Despite the large ensemble cast, every single character gets at least one moment to shine. The primary characters that get the least screen time are probably Hawkeye and Ant-Man, but they both get some brilliant moments and Ant-Man is definitely one of the biggest scene-stealers of the film. I never really loved Falcon in The Winter Soldier. I liked him, of course, but I never really cared for him. This film made him one of my favourite characters. Even though the film pits people against each other and can make you side with different characters (#TEAMCAP), every single character is likeable. From Cap and Bucky to The Vision and Scarlett Witch, there is a moment in this film that makes you love everyone.

Black Panther and Spider-Man

The two biggest new characters in the film are two of the best. Black Panther is so cool, and he is so much alike his comic counterpart. It’s brilliant seeing him in live action form finally. He has his own storyline in the film, and it shows the character in an interesting light, which is bound to make viewers excited for his solo film. The biggest stand-out character in the film is Tom Holland as Spider-MaSpider-Man-3-1200x632n. I can 100% confirm that this is the best on-screen Spider-Man we’ve ever seen. He’s a fantastic Peter Parker and an even better Spider-Man. Thankfully he’s in the film more than I expected, and both his dialogue and movement is perfect for the film. Thanks to the perfection of these two characters, I am even more excited for the release of Spiderman: Homecoming (2017) and Black Panther (2018).

The Action

Arguably the best scene in this film is the scene everyone has been dreaming about from the trailers: The Ariport Fight Scene. This scene goes on for the perfect amount of Civil-War-Review-5time (not too short so you don’t see much, not too long so you get bored) and, my lord, is it amazing. Every hero gets to show off their powers and abilities, and they all manage to fight each other without anyone appearing as an antagonist. Some heroes who you wouldn’t expect to do much against others do some of the biggest moves in the whole sequence, and it’s definitely the best fight sequence in any Superhero film to date. The fight at the end, also seen in the trailer, featuring Captain America, Iron Man and The Winter Soldier is dark, gritty and intense, but still captures that element of fun and still feels like a Marvel film. It goes on for long enough too, unlike the “fight” in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

This film is definitely one of the best superhero films to date, and it could possibly be the best MCU film out there. I highly recommend it to anyone who is alive, because there’s no way anyone could not love this film.

Captain America: Civil War opens in cinemas around the USA on May 6th, 2016.

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  1. Why would you not want to see David Fincher’s take on one of the most popular novels of the last decade? The man is a master and arguably the most talented director working today. Why even watch the original then since clearly its going to have the same ending too?

  2. hey have any of you guys had to email anything to prof. eagle? i ask him to reponsd so i know he gets it each time but no response and i keep forgetting to ask him in person. does he usually reponsd to ur guys’ emails? i dont even know if he got my last lab

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