Film Shady
This week Adam and Travis talk about all of the documentaries they’ve been watching recently among other TV shows and Movies. Be sure to listen to each segment as they discuss what you guys should and/or shouldn’t be watching. Our topics range from docs to terrible movies that they’ve recently seen. You don’t want the...
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This week Adam and Travis spend way to much time talking about Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show: Great Job and Kim Cage (Nic Cage). Join us as we discuss some of our latest and greatest favorite movies that you’ll probably disagree with us on. But hey, that’s what the internet’s for! Check below for specific segment...
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Welcome to the 3rd addition to the CinemaShelf Podcast Network! Travis, host of the Official CinemaShelf Podcast, and Adam discuss random movie facts and their favorite movies! 3:48- What’s Good! We talk about what’s been good in Hollywood lately in the “What’s Good!” segment. 14:17- And that Adam…was a lie… Adam and Travis give a few...
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