Chad’s Take – Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Review

By Chad Wilson

Last week we had an article by Ricky of this film. Feel free to compare the two to see who you agree with more!

Old villain. New coat of paint. New power levels.  DBZ? Let’s do this…

After last year’s release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, DbZ fans have yet another full-length feature to look forward to in the form of Resurrection F.  The movie manages to hit all of the usual notes that you would expect from a DBZ feature.  A powerful villain shows up and the B-list heroes fight off said villain’s minions until Goku finally arrives (late as usual) to save the day.  Yep, this is DBZ alright.  Still, despite the tried and true formula, there are enough interesting things happening here to still keep this adventure fun and engaging.

The villain for this go around is none other than the infamous alien tyrant, Frieza. Newly revived by earth’s Dragonballs, the resurrected and highly irritable conqueror uses his new lease on life in an attempt to seek revenge on his sworn enemy, Goku.  While it would seem like a cheap cop-out to revisit a villain that has already been defeated a few times in the past, the story does a good job of making Frieza’s ability to compete very believable.  With everyone having reached power levels (over 9000!!!…sorry, had to fit it in) far beyond those in previous meetings, Frieza decides that his best shot at defeating his greatest rival will require him to actually train for once.  I guess if you’re already the most powerful being in the universe, training isn’t really necessary. However, realizing that the saiyans are more formidable than before, he decides it’s time to get to work and finally reach his full potential.  No training montage, unfortunately, but we do get to witness the villain reach a new form of power as we enter the movie’s closing act.

As the story moves along, we find that Goku and BFF Vegeta are training on a far-away planet with Whis and Lord Beerus (both introduced in the last movie).  The rest of Earth’s heroes are left to defend the planet against Frieza’s invading army with the hopes that the other two will arrive before it’s too late.  Minus young Trunks and Goten, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Gohan, newly introduced space ranger Jaco, and even Master Roshi have moments to shine (no Yamcha though) against Frieza’s forces, and by the end of the movie we get to see what all of the off-world training has done for Goku and Vegeta in the battle against Frieza himself.

If you’ve been watching the shows and movies for the past decade plus, then you’ll recognize the usual English voice cast that should be quite familiar by now. Everyone puts in the usual quality performance that has reached perfection at this point, and it’s been amazing to see the growth that many of these voice artists have made since first taking a shot at these characters back in the late 90s/early 2000s.  There’s such a night and day difference, and you can tell that they still seem to be enjoying themselves in the studio.

The animation is mostly good, with some areas looking stunning while others tend to look low budget at times.  There’s also some 3D thrown into the mix, which doesn’t get in the way but still remains noticeable.  Overall, it’s a mixed bag as far as visuals go, but leans more heavily towards the good side as opposed to the bad.

Who should watch:  If you are a DBZ fan, this should be a no-brainer.  It continues the story that you’ve loved for years, and if you haven’t tired of the formula yet then I doubt you need this review to convince you.   Just be sure to watch Battle of Gods first.

Family rating:  5/10.  There are a few choice words here and there that parents may not want kids to hear regularly repeated (begins with “D” or “H”), so this may be best reserved for the teen and up crowd.

Overall rating: 9/10.  I couldn’t find much to not like about this movie.  I wouldn’t have minded the ending being slightly different, but it did make sense as far as character growth is concerned.  Still, it’s more DBZ, and I ain’t complainin’.

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