Destined – Beauty and the Beast

I know the show only took a week break, but here’s a quick little reminder of what’s been happening. Liam is doing his best to set up Vincent, Cat, and all their friends in an effort to get revenge on Vincent and Cat.

Liam is bringing to light all of the killings and cover ups the gang has done over the years in an effort to hide what Vincent really is. So far he’s gotten JT arrested and Vincent was taken by Homeland Security who has given him 24 hours to either turn himself in or launch a full engagement.

Instead, he decides to expose his beast side to Homeland. This of course doesn’t go according to plan because nothing ever goes as planned for them.

However, after Vincent falls off a five story building and is shot by SWAT we find out that it was all part of the plan (minus the getting shot part) they made with Homeland to catch Liam.

Now that Liam thinks Vincent is dead (he did hear his heartbeat stop), he’s repeating history by kidnapping Cat. However, Vincent is on the case!

Well it looks like their plan worked and Liam is now dead. I don’t think he can come back from this one because last I checked you need a heart in order to live.

Liam is gone now, however as the Homeland agent so excellently said, “The genie is out of the bottle.” So while they are now free of Liam they don’t know who else knows and might be coming after them.


After they successfully freed themselves of Liam, the whole gang is at a bar celebrating when they get a crazy idea. The idea is to finally get Vincent and Cat hitched. In their somewhat drunken state they agree.

Tess gets herself ordained, JT is the best man, little sister the maid of honor, and they get married on the rooftop at night where it all started for them.

At least for now they get there happily ever after. However, knowing how it usually goes for these two that probably won’t last for long.

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