Dwayne Johnson Confirmed to Star In ‘Jumanji’

As many of you may have heard on The Official CinemaShelf Podcast from this past Monday, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was rumored to be in talked for an upcoming Jumanji movie. Well, today we got official word from none other that Johnson himself via social media.

The confirmation comes hot on the heels of rumors that he and Central Intelligence co-star Kevin Hart were in talked to appear in the new Jumanji movie. Other rumors have been around the subject of the movie. Some reports claimed that the film will be a reboot and be a retelling of the original film starring Robin Williams, while other rumors have said that it won’t be a reboot but it won’t be connected other than the board game itself. It’s likely that this film will create quite the buzz if we learn of anymore casting in the near future.

With the tragic passing of Robin Williams, the film had been said to have been delayed indefinitely. With some retooling and adjustments the studio appears ready to move forward, and if Johnson is correct, filming will begin this fall with a presumable release date being in 2017.

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Source: The Rock’s Instagram

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