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EA Play 2016 Event Wrap-up - Cinema Shelf
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EA Play 2016 Event Wrap-up

Ahead of E3, EA held a press conference confirming a few games and release dates. EA also showed us some in-game footage of upcoming games including: Titanfall 2, Madden 17, Mass Effect Andromeda, FIFA 17, a few upcoming Star Wars titles, and Battlefield 1. Be on the look out for the full trailers and gameplay footage that was shown at the press conference on CinemaShelf.com in the coming hours and days.

From what we saw, there is a lot to be excited about, but the 1 hour press conference did not really have time to go into detail about many of the games. I will include my notes that I took during the press conference which shows my initial reactions to the press conference. But first I’ll summarize my thoughts first.

Titanfall 2 – It’s cool to see that they’ve listened to fans and are releasing the sequel with a single player campaign mode.

Madden 17 – EA Sports didn’t really show that much of this game, they spent most of the time talking about tournaments and different events.

Mass Effect Andromeda – This game certainly has a lot of hype around it, and it looks like for good reason. The trailer they showed looked great, and seems to be continuing the creativity and uniqueness of the other Mass Effect games. Hope to see more soon.

FIFA 17 – They showed a lot about the new game mode titled “The Journey”, which will take the player on a journey with an up and coming player. The game looks about the same graphic-wise, but boasts several new features that EA Sports promises to be unique innovative game changers.

Star Wars games – EA basically announced 3 news games, but only the title of 1. We’re getting Battlefront’s sequel in 2017, a new game from Visceral with all-new characters in 2018 and an undated game from Respawn Entertainment that will be set in a new era.

Battlefield 1 – We got a good look at EA’s venture into World-War 1. We got some in-game footage that shows an intense gameplay that seems very promising. It is full of dynamic components that shift from game to game.


Here’s my full outline:

  • Long look at Titanfall 2 Multiplayer

-6 new Titans with new combat abilities. Better combat. Better all around experience.

-There will be Single Player in Titanfall 2. Full offline campaign.

-Single player looks cool, seems like a cool world to build a single player campaign.

-No word on how long the campaign will be.

-Oct 28 release date


Transition from trailer to trailer was very odd. Not great.


  • Madden 17

-Trailer is cool, but nothing looks different, graphically, other than some new celebrations and most likely some improvements in gameplay.

-Commentary team has been updated, will add new commentary each week.

-New tournament modes for competitions. EA seems very excited about these new tiered tournament event layouts.

-They’re pumping up some excitement about the tournaments by showing some of the best Madden players in the world talk about how great they are at Madden.

-They’re putting a lot of emphasis on these Madden tournaments.

-Not much said about new features, spent most of the time talking about tournaments. Kind of disappointing.


  • Mass Effect Andromeda

-Powered by Frostbite

-First look at behind the scenes of the game gives some cool visuals and kind of a trailer for the new game.

-Game centered around building a new home for humanity, seems to be a really creative endeavor for EA. Not surprising for the Mass Effect team.

-Great looking graphics on this title.


  • EA content updates

-EA announced new updates to many of their current titles, and they’re offering free trials for content.

-“EA Play to Give” – New charity partnership EA is starting. Will help several charities.

-EA will give challenges to players and will donate money to these charities.


  • FIFA 17

-EA claims it’ll be a revolutionary year for FIFA.

-Shows montage of past games, proving how far the title has come since its initial release in 1993.

-FrostBite powered.

-Preview is a cinematic-style story of an up and coming player.

FIFA 17’s brand new experience titled “The Journey” will give you the chance to work through the life of a new player.

-Premiere League managers are in the game for the first time.

-Really playing up the spectacle for this game at the press conference in London.

-A lot of trash talk going on about different football clubs in the PL.

-They’re claiming a completely innovative experience.

-4 new big pieces: Set-pieces, physical play, smarter players, and new ways to attack the goal.

-Graphics look about the same. No real change with what’s on the field. But still look great.

-Seems like some improvements, but still need to see more.


  • EA giving reasons why indie game developers are important.

-Giving indie games a chance to shine is one of EA’s goals now and into the future. The game is called “Fe” and will a part of EA Original which is their pro-indie venture.

-“Fe” looks really cool and interesting. Seems oddly relaxing to play.


  • Star Wars

-2017 will give us a new Battlefront

-2018 Visceral is developing a game with new characters. Early in-game footage looks cool, seems like a third person game. Kind of looks like a better looking, Star Wars version of Watch Dog or The Last of Us type graphics.

-Respawn Entertainment is exploring a different Star Wars era in their own action-adventure game.

-The look behind the scenes at the development of these games is showing a little bit of gaming footage, but not showing anything other than early looks at them building the game.

-Seeing some cool motion-capture happening. Seems like we’ll be getting some intense light saber fighting in a new title at some point.


  • Battlefield 1

-Our first look at in-game footage. Short look, but really cool looking.

-They’re building on the intensity of the game.

-We’re going to see actual in-game gameplay at some point, so they say.

-No battle will ever be the same. Dynamic everything, pretty much.

-Destruction, weather and the ability to take control of some of the largest vehicles ever used in war.

-In-game footage looks brutal and amazing at the same time.

-Graphics seem about what we’d expect, but if the dynamic destruction, weather and vehicles are as good as they’re promising then this title will be fantastic.

-Intense doesn’t really describe how the game looks, and I’m not even a Battlefield fan.

-Open beta coming later this Summer.

-Oct 21 release date.


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