Ep 11 – We Talk Too Much

Welcome to episode 11! this week’s episode is kind of cool. Adam is actually traveling this week, which means 2 things – 1: we couldn’t do a new episode before today and 2: we’re actually going to be in the same town this weekend, so we’re going knock out a few episodes while we have the chance to be in the same room and not over skype, which is how we usually record. We may even release a bonus episode of Film Shady this weekend at some point!

But we decided that we definitely still wanted to release something for you guys today, and we wanted it to be good. What you’re going to hear in this episode are some bits of conversation from the hour or so Adam and I talk before every podcast. We usually talk for almost an hour before the usual intros you guys hear on the finished episodes. I randomly picked out 3 episodes and chose the best pre-podcast conversations from those 3. So, most of this stuff is stuff you guys haven’t heard before. I think ive dropped a couple minutes of this into intros before, but the majority is new for the podcast. And unsurprisingly, it’s mostly about football. Since Adam and I talk almost exclusively about movies and football.

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We will be back next week on Friday with a new episode of Film Shady. Hope you guys have a great weekend. Thanks for listening.


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