Ep 12 – The 2 Day Late Edition

Yes, yes, yes – We Know! We’re a couple days late with this episode. We’ve been off schedule the past few weeks, BUT the good news is that we’ll be back earlier this coming week. We will be switching days with MasterQuast – Podcast for Gamers┬ábecause of the E3 conference. Kameona and Chad will be covering and recapping everything that happened at E3 this coming Friday (June 17). This means that we will be releasing episode 13 of Film Shady on Wednesday, June 15. Then we will back on schedule for the next week. Here’s what the schedule looks like for us for the next month.

June 15 – Film Shady Ep 13

June 24 – Film Shady Ep 14

July 1 – Film Shady Ep 15

July 8 – Film Shady Ep 16

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