Ep 14 – ‘Sherlock’, Jump Scares & Scott Eastwood

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This week Jacob Cook returns! Fresh off his E3 guest segment from last week’s episode of Film Shady, Jacob takes over for Adam this week while Adam is away. But don’t worry, fans of Adam, he will be back next week as usual!

This week we talk about everything from cheesy tacos to Indiana Jones 5. Not only that, but we also discuss great shows like Sherlock and Game of Thrones. Jacob had a chance to check out The Conjuring 2 when it came out, which leads us to a discussion of the type of movie The Witch is compared to The Conjuring series. We give some opinions on why we think PS4 was a better deal over Xbox One when they came out, and we talk about some of the movies Jacob can’t stay awake while watching.

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