Ep. 6 – The ’60s and Squirrels

This week we, Adam and Travis, delve into an oddly specific era in American history. Almost unknowingly we talk about the 1960s in almost every segment. This week ranges from James Franco’s 11.22.63 from Hulu to CNN’s The Sixties that is currently streaming on Netflix. If you haven’t seen either, don’t worry there are no real spoilers in this episode, but general discussions about the sci-fi genre and the CNN docs that are on Netflix. We delve into several other topics that deal with the ’60s as well, not to mention we have some pretty fun lies or truths in this week’s “And that Adam is a lie” segment!

11:10 – What’s good?

43:10 – And That Adam is a Lie!

48:19 – Why Wasn’t I Invited!?

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