Ep 9 – GooseDumps & Dreamland (A Show We Actually Like)

No spoilers for any movies or TV shows that will permanently ruin your experience!

WE’RE BACK! Adam and Travis return this week with a brand new Film Shady. We have a bunch to catch up on and a short amount of time to do it. This is a shorter episode than we would have liked to do, but don’t worry – now that our busy few weeks are over next week’s episode will be normal style with multiple segments!


6:25 – What’s Good?

This week on “What’s Good?” Travis and Adam delve deep into the pits of Jack Black’s latest comedy, Goosebumps. We also talk about the USFL episode of ESPN’s 30 for 30. Then Adam gives us the low-down on what documentary he’s watched recently, as well as a ripe discussion about a boxing documentary that Adam cannot remember the name of!


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