Fear the Walking Dead Episode 1 – Spoilers!!

So tonight, AMC’s newest series and spinoff to the highly successful The Walking Dead premiered. The highly anticipated, hour-and-a-half premier gave viewers just a tiny taste of what is to come. In other words, YES there are a few walkers in this episode.

First off, I’ll say that I think this show is not intended to actually BE exactly like The Walking Dead but is meant to simply accompany the series. Secondly, Fear the Walking Dead is a prequel, dating back to the days that Rick was in the hospital. Thirdly, the show takes place in Los Angeles, California while the main show was originally set in Atlanta, Georgia. The show assumes that you have watched The Walking Dead at some points but I don’t think it is absolutely necessary. So while that would be beneficial, you could probably still jump into this series and enjoy it without having seen the original.

The episode started off great with what my friend Ricky called “The most attractive zombie I’d ever seen” (see the image above). From there, we learned about this family that the show will be following. The Clark family consists of mother, Madison Clark, her children, Nick and Alicia Clark, along with Madison’s boyfriend, Travis Manawa (am I allowed to say that I love that this show has a man of Polynesian decent?). I assume that the rest of the show will be based around their survival while the outbreak/virus thing is happening. The first 45 minutes or so basically shows us the family dynamic that is going on and the second half of the show has some action in it involving Nick.

Overall, I thought the episode was a bit boring at first, only because we had to go through the necessary character development and story setup. I actually did find the lives of these people to be pretty interesting. I think a lot of people will definitely be able to relate to this “broken” family, which will make it appealing to some. The second half of the episode showed Nick’s drug dealer being killed and the aftermath of the friend becoming a walker. Now you would have to know that the virus is airborne in order to know that the dead guy would turn into a walker because in most zombie stories you have to be bit in order to actually turn into a zombie. My favorite part of this episode was definitely the scene in the tunnel where Madison almost got bit!

Rating: 7/10. I like where this story is going. It is a fresh take on this zombie-filled universe that AMC has created. I am interested to see where they take this story.

Will this family ever cross over with the main cast of The Walking Dead? Tell us what you think in the comments or email us at!

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