Fear the Walking Dead Episode 2 Review

Rating: 5/10

Why is character development and story setup so boring? It seems that episode 2 of Fear the Walking Dead is just one of those episodes to set up what will happen in the rest of the show. Overall, I found the episode to be pretty boring and found myself uninterested at times. Perhaps maybe the reason that I am bored is because I am expecting this show to have much more action like The Walking Dead does. Nonetheless, I thought that while this episode was boring, it did have some parts that I enjoyed, thus the 5 instead of something lower.

One of the things I really liked about this episode was the fact that the main family knew what was going on and we were no longer in that stage where everyone thought Nick was just being crazy. Seeing the actions of Madison and Travis and the decisions they make made me think of what I would do if I knew a zombie apocalypse was coming. I don’t think this is a spoiler, but there are moments in this episode where we see huge amounts of food and in my head I’m thinking “TAKE IT ALL!” There were also other parts in this episode that made me think that. While The Walking Dead makes us think “what would we do?” at many times, none of the scenarios in that show deal with the beginning of a zombie apocalypse. This show is much more close to reality than The Walking Dead currently is.

Spoilers Ahead

In total, we saw 1 walker in this episode. I’m currently watching season five of The Walking Dead and it seems that every episode has been PACKED with walkers. This was a little disappointing but I try really hard to keep in mind that this isn’t the same show. We did learn quite a bit about the family in this episode. Nick has some sort of illness which causes him to have seizures. Alicia’s boyfriend got bit by a walker and will soon die. I’m guessing we will see her zombified boyfriend at some point. Travis’s son is a jerk to Travis and I really liked the kid that Madison ran into in the school. Oh, and the principal of the school became a walker.

Most likely the most important scene of this episode was the walker scene. Madison and the kid run into the zombified principal of the school. This scene is really important because Madison actually knew this person and realized that they are no longer “human.” She also gets her first kill, using a fire extinguisher. Although this scene drove me crazy because it took them so long to attack the head! If it had not been for this scene, the episode would have gotten a lower rating.

Hopefully, in the next few episodes the family encounters some tense situations. There are only 4 episodes left! I’m not necessarily asking for more walkers (although I am kind of), I just want to see the family be put in tougher situations than they have been so far. I feel like this show has been nothing so far compared to The Walking Dead.

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