Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Finale – Top 5 Moments

Rating: 9/10

Although Fear the Walking Dead started out slow, it definitely ended on a high note. I can’t wait to see what happens in season 2 of the show. Here’s my top 5 moments from the episode:

Careful for Spoilers!!

  1. Travis lets Andrew go.

I can’t remember if they called him Andy or Drew, but Travis decides to do the “good” thing and let Andrew go. Andrew does tell Travis where they need to go to save Nick and Daniel’s wife though. The idea of “doing the good thing” is a theme that keeps recurring in this episode. We’ll get back to this later.

  1. Daniel unleashes the walkers on the soldiers.

This really reminded me of how Carol from the main show made Terminus become overrun by zombies. It was pretty awesome how Daniel just walked by the soldiers and in a sassy tone told them to save their ammunition. These walkers pretty much set up everything else that was to happen in the rest of the episode and made for a way for the group to get out unnoticed by the soldiers.

  1. We find out that Abigail is a boat.

I think this is pretty revealing as to what season 2 of the show will entail. Obviously, the group will try to get to the boat and will possibly be on the boat for a while. I like this idea, as The Walking Dead group has not been near any oceans and we have not seen what would happen if people were on boats during a zombie apocalypse.

  1. Andrew shoots Ofelia.

Andrew shoots Ofelia while Ofelia is trying to stop him from shooting her dad. This led to Travis pounding on Andrew’s face. I imagine Travis was pretty upset that he let Andrew go in the first place. I felt really bad for Daniel though, because he just found out that he lost his wife and now his daughter just got shot. Luckily, Ofelia didn’t die. This scene clearly depicted the theme that doing the good thing is not always the right thing. If Travis has kept Andrew prisoner, Ofelia would have probably not gotten shot.

  1. Liza gets shot.

Liza gets bit while the group is getting out of the hospital. I have to admit that I did not see this coming at all. If anyone was going to die, I thought it would be Ofelia since she got shot. Now, the conflict between Madison and Liza will be no more (I was honestly looking forward to seeing the two of them coexist) but of course, season 2 will bring its own challenges. The groups is learning that they must do what will be best for their longevity versus what they want to do. Which is why Liza needed to be killed.


Overall, the show started a little slow but ended on a high note. I would put this season finale up with any of the main show’s season finals as well. I can’t wait to see how season 2 picks up with this blended family. In the mean time, you should watch the webisodes called Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462. An outbreak happens on an airplane! Whoever survives from the plane will end up becoming a new cast member on season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead.

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