Finding Dory: Good, Not Great – Review

Rating: 7/10

Disney and Pixar’s latest film features the characters that  you’ve come to know and love from the original Finding Nemo and even adds newcomers that you’ll quickly love. However, with a weak story that comes across as very repetitive, Finding Dory does not live up to expectations (for me at least).

Finding Dory is a film that naturally does what you would expect from a sequel to Finding Nemo, by giving us the full backstory to Dory voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. The movie uses a number of flashbacks, showing us kid Dory, who struggled with short-term memory loss, to progress the overall story of this film. Dory is accompanied by both Marlin and Nemo in this adventure where she eventually as the title suggests, gets separated from Marlin and Nemo, leaving the two clown fish having to “FIND’ Dory (get it?). Along the way, the film introduces to new characters who are great. Hank the octopus plays an important role in this film along with whales Destiny and Bailey. Perhaps the most funny characters added though were the sea lions played by Idris Elba and Dominic West, who don’t have huge roles in the film but made me laugh the hardest!

The big problem with this film for me is the story. The film almost seems like a repeat of the original but on a very less grander scale. It doesn’t feel like this huge adventure that Marlin and Dory went on in the original to find Nemo. The film hammers you with Dory’s short term memory loss over-and-over again with the flashbacks and as she meets new characters, which started to get boring. While I think these issues bogged this movie down, I did feel that the film did a great job of showing us why Dory is the way she is. Although, I did feel that the way the flashbacks were used almost felt like story “cheat codes” in order to conveniently progress the story.

All that to say, I still think this movie is pretty good. My giving this movie a 7 may come from the fact that when Pixar releases a film, I expect movies that are amazing. While this movie isn’t a Toy Story 3, it definitely ins’t a flop like Cars 2. If you are a fan of Finding Nemo, go see this film. This film feels a lot like the original much like Star Wars Episode VII feels like Star Wars Episode IV. Oh and the animated short, Piper, before the film is great too!

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Image credit: Pixar YouTube

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