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Gambit Movie: More Delays - Cinema Shelf
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Gambit Movie: More Delays

Back in the Summer we wrote about how Channing Tatum was finally confirmed to played a comic book fan favorite: Gambit. It was said to be coming this year in October, but it seems that once Fantastic Four came out in August and underperformed, to say the least, Fox’s plans changed. They removed the sequel to Fantastic Four from their release schedule, and with it they removed Gambit. 

The shake up in release dates does not mean Gambit has been canceled. What it does mean is that the film will be delayed. This may be a good thing for all parties involved, including the fans. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Doug Liman, who will direct Gambit, has been signed on to direct the Amazon series The Wall. Not only is this news of the delay good for the director, but fans should be pleased as well. This mean rewrites, and in a post-Deadpool world, this could be amazing for Gambit. What did Deadpool do for Fox’s Marvel properties? It opened the door for smaller budget, better written movies to get major attention. Obviously, this does require the film to be a quality movie like Deadpoool was.

ScreenRant explains that Fox has recently announced 3 new release dates that include a date in October 2017 along with a January and July date in 2018. It’s pretty reasonable to assume that Gambit will get the October 2017 date, while Deadpool 2 will get the January 2018 date, and while we’re still not completely sure what the July date will be, it is safe to assume that it will be an X-Men focused movie.

Gambit is exciting for many reasons now that Deadpool has come out. What Ryan Reynolds, Tim Miller, and the entire Deadpool crew did was amazing. They made an awesome movie, and they made a lot of money, which means Fox should be more willing to invest in movies that take a more alternative route. Gambit could and should be another homerun for Fox on the Marvel front. Channing Tatum has seemed excited to play Gambit for awhile now, and with the recent shift in dates along with the possibility of rewrites making this more Deadpool -like (in the more adult themed sense), this movie could really rock. The movie is most certainly delayed, and it absolutely will not be coming out in October 2016. It was scheduled to shoot around Fall of 2015, but that obviously did not happen.

Either way, we’re pretty excited to get more into this Fox series. Mainly because Fox has given us several solid outings with the past 2 X-Men movies, along with Deadpool. 

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Article Sources: ScreenRant & THR

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