Godzilla vs. King Kong Movie in the Future?

With the recent casting of Brie Larson in the 2017 Kong: Skull Island by Legendary Pictures, I began thinking about whether or not we would see a huge monster crossover with Godzilla one day. It would not be unheard of if this happened, as this battle between King Kong and Godzilla has happened in the past. A 1962 feature film was made in Japan where King Kong was captured and brought to Japan to fight Godzilla.

What is very interesting is that Legendary Pictures is making both the next King Kong movie which also stars Tom Hiddleston and are slated to come out with a Godzilla 2 in 2018. What is even more interesting is that both Godzilla films and the upcoming King Kong movie are all written by Max Borenstein. It seems that a crossover with both iconic monsters could be in the making. While Godzilla (2014) wasn’t an amazing movie (check out our review here) there still is a HUGE amount of potential for a great crossover movie.

This is total speculation and not based on anything said by Legendary but I’m hopeful it will happen. At the very least, I think they would make a lot of money doing it. What do you think?

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