Gotham “Into the Woods” Review

Rating: 8.5/10

Gotham returns this week with Into the Woods, as Jim Gordon gets used to life as a escaped and wanted prisoner he gets a little help from his good buddy and old partner Bullock, who might have a way to help Jim out of the bleak situation he’s gotten into. As Penguin mourns the loss of his father, Grace Van Dahl and his two wicked step children step up their contempt for Cobblepot, which they should know, you never poke an angry penguin. Edward Nygma becomes increasingly nervous as his best laid plans to get rid of Jim Gordon become unraveled.

Jim Gordon is lucky that the bromance between himself and Bullock is strong because without his old partner he would probably have died an unceremonious death behind prison walls by now. Bullock is hiding Jim out of sight as Jim races to uncover who framed him. But Commissioner Barnes is no dummy, he has his eye on Bullock and dead set on catching Gordon. Despite this Bullock has a lead that may help his buddy out. Internal Affairs keeps a private recording of every call they receive, meaning they possess a copy of the call that reported Jim as the murderer of Galavan. If they can get the tape, they may find some clues to who this mysterious caller was. Bullock being the smooth operator that he is, gets into a little hanky panky with a gal pal he has in Internal Affairs, distracting her enough so Jim can slip in and recover the taped anonymous tip-off.

Bruce and Selena continue their life together on the streets of Gotham, doing what normal kids their age do in Gotham I imagine. Robbing criminals, getting chased on rooftops, and you can tell Bruce has been practicing his roof to roof jumping skills (may come in handy later on in life for him) the way he clears his landing and successfully gets away from the robber they just robbed. Bruce is doing all of this for fun, or in his words, to study the criminal mind. When he is not having fun in his down time he is stitching up Selena’s leather jacket, another little nod to Batman Returns, because Alfred is not going to have Bruce grow up to be a shameful bachelor who doesn’t know how to sew.

And while Jim is in hiding, Bruce is sewing, and Penguin is becoming Cinderella in his own father’s home, guess who’s awake? Barbara Kean has awoken from her coma and hey, she gets it she was a little crazy before. You know, listening to all those voices inside her head telling her to do all the bad things. But she was also made into a puppet by Galavan and realizes that her crazy behavior was a not right, legally and morally. It looks like prison therapy has done Barbara some good and Dr. Hugo Strange totally agrees, as he signs the release papers for Barbara from his institution. Miss. Peabody offers a little warning to him that if he keeps discharging all his crazy patients, people are going to take notice. Strange seems to know what he is doing, particularly at playing some long game, and tells Miss. Peabody that Miss. Kean may be a special case.

The only clue that Jim can get from the stolen recording is that the caller disguised his voice somehow. Even though Bullock tells Jim he may have to lay even lower for the time being and end contact with him, Jim thinks he knows who can help him with the recording, and they’re his friend too! Knowing someone who has worked with audio tapes before, Jim takes his only evidence he has to Mr. Nygma, who probably did not see that coming. Ed plays around with the tape and makes tea for Jim, dancing around the fact that the distorted voice on the tape is his own, when Jim makes the mistake of bringing up psychotic behavior, something Ed does not like to hear. Ed’s odd shift in demeanor gives away his act of innocence, and Jim puts the finally piece of the riddle together to discover he is in the apartment of the guy he is looking for that set him up, now that is convenient. Ed is able to zap him out consciousness and is planning to take him to a trip into the woods to that place he took Kristen Krinkle last season. Jim is a scrappy one though, he can’t take your eyes off him for a second because he will get away. As Ed gets a shot in and is in hot pursuit of Jim things don’t look too good for him. Luck is definitely on his side though as Jim stumbles in Selena and Bruce’s humble homeless dwellings and they hide the injured Jim.

As I mentioned before, Penguin is earning his stay at the Van Dahl estate by being at the beck and call of Grace, Sasha, and Charles. Who really don’t know whose cage they are actually rattling by being as mean and nasty as possible to poor grieving Oswald. I was a little upset but I had to remind myself that Penguin is a villain but I did not like seeing him discover the bottle of brandy (poison) that ultimately caused the death of his dear father and give it to the poor dog for a taste test. And as heinous as that may be, what he does next after this revelation pretty much manages to top that. Grace demands a roast for Sunday evening and Penguin doesn’t just slice and cook up one, but two plump offerings for the dear widowed Grace. She is not fond of either, but does notice the difference in Penguin tonight. I suppose the change in demeanor comes from the fact that the evil murderous flightless bird is back, and to make his return on the scene a worthy one, he just feed mean old Sasha and Charles, cooked to dry perfection, to their mother. Oswald then takes care of Grace and has a little toast to himself. The roast reveal got me by surprise, it took the show to a darker place than I was ready to expect, but I have to admit, this is Gotham, there has probably been worse in the past done in this dirty city.

With Bruce and Alfred’s aid back at Wayne Manor, Jim recovers and they come up with a plan to entrap Ed in his web of tricks. Selena comes in with information on Jim and wants the $10,000 reward money (because there was reward money for information on the whereabouts of Jim Gordon). As Ed overhears Selena tells Bullock and Barnes that Jim was at her place a couple of hours ago but left to find the Penguin, something about him knowing where the bodies were buried. This gets Ed nervous as he takes off to dig back up Kristen’s corpse and move to another burial site. But Ed didn’t see that this trap lead everyone to where Nygma buried the body of his murder victim and a nice confession for Barnes to the frame job of Gordon. As Ed gets taken off to prison, Gordon gets his good name reinstated.

Bruce is getting ready to go back to the streets with Selena when Alfred informs him that Lucius has finished working on his father’s mysterious hidden computer. Bruce has to make the decision between returning home and finding out what his father was working on, or return to living with Selena. Bruce knows he will never be able to look over what this computer could hold and tells Selena the bad news, who doesn’t take it very well that she will returning to her place alone. And as Jim tries to find the courage to call Lee he gets an unexpected knock on his door. And nothing is worse than an unexpected drop by from your ex. I wonder what Barbara could have to say to Jim…



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